20 summer date ideas that are totally worth it

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Time is melting away, and so is the dating scene. Whether you’re chatting with the Hinge hotties or have already hooked up with one (or more!) IRL, summer is essentially peak dating season. Between long sunny days and warm nights, there’s so much to do with a date, like soaking in the rays of the sun in a two-person kayak or cooling off with Monet’s paintings in the museum of city ​​art. So why not plan ahead for your summer date ideas this year?

“Summer is a time for us to enjoy the beautiful weather and marvel at the beauty around us, instead of our mobile devices,” says Laura Jacobs, a professional matchmaker and founder of Modern Dating Coach. “Plan something more than the typical ‘Let’s have a drink’.” Now is the time to get creative and use the good summer vibes to your advantage. After all, everything is better in the sun.

Summer date ideas can look like a fairy-tale dinner on a tea-lit terrace, a road trip to bouldering for the first time, or sketching out a scene from landscape in the park as if you were there. Little woman. But there are also options for when you want to stay indoors, like having a fake campsite in your living room or channeling your inner mad scientist by whipping up ice cream in the kitchen.

Ahead, you’ll find 20 summer date ideas to try this season, whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or prefer drinking enriched seltzer water on the beach. Either way, these matchmaker-approved dates are sure to strengthen your romantic bond and create golden-hued memories.

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If you live in a city, chances are there’s a different street festival every weekend in the summer. These events can be great opportunities to explore something new together, whether it’s a type of art or regional cuisine. Stroll through festivals outside opening hours so you can walk and talk without worrying about getting lost in the crowds.

Flip the romantic sunset date by opting for a sunrise instead. Appreciating the beauty of nature in the moment can strengthen your romantic relationship, says Jacobs.

Not an early riser? Use the promise of a bonus breakfast date to get you out of bed.

There is a certain adrenaline rush that you get when diving naked into the water. But before you undress, make sure the pool or lake is private so you don’t surprise unwilling passers-by. Cannonball!

Slip into your flowiest floral outfit for a garden party just for you. Make an appointment at a nearby sculpture garden to invent meanings behind modern art, or visit a conservatory or botanical garden. Love is in the air.

Spend a rustic night in your garden or at a nearby campsite. Far from nature? You can even make it a road trip. This date gives you a chance to really disconnect and be aware of the time you share together. No distractions, just scenery (and hopefully lots of s’mores).


Paint and sip in the park.

Put an outdoor twist on classic painting and sip on a date. Take inspiration from your surroundings, like a dog park or a skyline at dusk. Both of you will enjoy expressing your creativity without the distractions of other classmates.

If you live near the water and have the resources, Jacobs says a boat rental can be a once-in-a-lifetime date experience. It could be taking out the canoe, renting a rowboat or renting a sailboat if you fancy that.

Spend a day in the backyard and have the ultimate summer barbecue. Crank up the country tunes, fill the cooler with ice, and grill up the produce, like pineapple veggie burgers. Having a barbecue together, no matter how simple, can give you the satisfaction of achieving something together.

Here is an idea to give free rein to your imagination. Look for a flea market that neither of you have visited before and get lost in the stalls. Discover unique items like antique jewelry or trinkets, and make them even more interesting by making up stories about where an item came from or who it once belonged to.

Prepare to get crafty and a little messy. Try tie-dying a pair of white shoes or a sweater you bought at the craft store. No matter how it turns out, you’ll experience creating something together and walk away with a lasting memory.


Ride on paddle boards.

Why not experience an environment from a different angle, say on a stand-up paddle board? If you live near calm waters, you can probably rent a stand-up paddle board for a few hours. Find a store that includes a lesson before you release into open waters if you’re a beginner.

Jacobs suggests planning a double date with a like-minded couple, consider a game of tennis or even a game of bowling. Not only is the planning stage exciting, but it can also create deeper friendships and bring out other aspects of your date.

There’s a guided tour for everything from haunted houses and wine trails to beer and bike rides. Sign up for the one that interests you both, or go rogue and make it a day of choice of your own adventure where you visit downtown or all the shops in a theme (my vote is ice cream).

Whether you’re the morale booster or the adventurer in the relationship, going on a hike engages both characters. It’s a great way to appreciate the nature and strength of your body, and this type of physical activity can bring you closer, says Jacobs. Plus, wait for those endorphins to peak.


Watch a movie outside.

Although it can be difficult to find a proper drive-in, local parks, outdoor concert halls and even bars offer outdoor movie programs.


Attend a baseball game.

Score cheap tickets to a minor league baseball game and bond over hot dogs and beer, sing loud and proud in the seventh inning, heckle the opposing team and talk life in the middle innings . Classic summer date.


Visit a farmer’s market.

You know those cute couples who walk hand-in-hand through the farmer’s market? It could be you. Get some fresh produce for dinner and a croissant from the bakery stand you both love. And don’t forget to try all free samples.

“Planning a picnic shows more creativity and effort than a typical dinner party invitation,” says Jacobs. Assign each other to bring drinks, snacks, a main or dessert, and find a quiet patch of grass to spend the afternoon together. Think of a potluck, but make it alluring.

You might not think you’re a competitive couple, but maybe that’s because you’ve never been on a starting line together. Sign up for a 5K run and enjoy the run to recharge your batteries. The winner buys dinner.

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Your budding relationship can thank you. Dates looking for thrills like biking (or rock climbing or surfing, you guessed it) can actually to lead to attraction and sexual arousal. Talk about heating things up.

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