AirAsia charters B737-800(BCF), looks at A321neo freighters

AirAsia Group has chartered its first dedicated freighter, a B737-800 (BCF) operated by Thailand’s K-Mile Asia (8K, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi), for its Teleport cargo unit, but wants to add internal freighters if Airbus decides to build a freighter variant of the A321-200neo.

HS-KME (msn 29930) was delivered to K-Mile Asia on October 1, 2021, after conversion at Jinan Airport. The 20.8-year-old former Ryanair, Garuda Indonesia and Aeroméxico plane has been repainted in the Teleport livery. It will fly under an exclusive charter contract with Teleport but has not yet started commercial operations. The Thai cargo specialist, 45% owned by ASL Airlines Switzerland, also operates two B737-400(SF), one B737-400(F) and another B737-800(BCF).

“Adding cargo to our fleet will accelerate the company’s goal of transitioning from a pure air cargo logistics provider to a full multimodal operator. We have always been on a rapid growth path to continually propel the Teleport’s air cargo business forward, highlighting our commitment to moving anything across Southeast Asia,” said Teleport Managing Director Pete Chareonwongsak.

The cargo ship will be based at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and operate to destinations including Mumbai Int’l, Chennai, Delhi Int’l, Hong Kong Int’l, Nagoya Chubu and Singapore Changi. Its capacity will complement the existing air cargo capacity of Air Asia’s passenger aircraft

Chief Operating Officer Adrian Loretz added that Teleport would seek to expand its B737-800 (BCF) fleet to six units by 2023.

“This is the first of many to come. The plan is to absolutely expand this fleet. market, we understand that there’s high demand going forward. It’s a long-term commitment, so it’s not what we see sometimes to benefit from short-term spikes,” Lorentz said.

During the unveiling of the B737-800 (BCF), Pete Chareonwongsak told the media that the Malaysian holding company would also be interested in adding new freighters dedicated to the A321neo, probably by converting some of its existing orders for the variant. passengers. The ch-aviation advanced fleets module shows that AirAsia has firm orders for 362 A321-200NX.

“For many markets that we need to reach both in range but also in capacity, it [the A321neo freighter] is a great product. Would we be the launch customer? I don’t know,” he said.

Airbus is no longer building new dedicated freighters after the cancellation of all remaining A330-200F orders. A320-200(CCF), A320-200(P2F), A321-200(P2F) and A321-200(PCF) conversions exist or are in the process of certification, but no supplier has yet attempted to convert variants of the A320neo family.

Chareonwongsak also said Teleport would seek to raise $50 million to $100 million by the end of 2021 and plans to register as a separate company within three years. Earlier this year, AirAsia Group said Teleport could be listed as early as the second half of 2022. Chareonwongsak stressed that the logistics company intends to raise enough capital this year to sustain its growth until it is ready. can be rated.

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