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Our fleet

Sunsail adds new yachts to our fleet every year, allowing us to offer new to 6 year old boats for your selection of cruises. From elegant monohulls to luxury catamarans, each of our rental boats offers performance combined with on-board living comfort specific to its design.

Catamarans: Our charter fleet includes models of Leopard catamarans and Lagoon catamarans ranging in size from 38′ to 48′.

Sunsail charter multihulls include: Sunsail 404, Sunsail 403, Sunsail Lagoon 424, Sunsail 424, Sunsail 444, Sunsail 454, Sunsail 454L, Sunsail Lagoon 464, Sunsail Lagoon 450F, Sunsail 484, Sunsail 483, Sunsail Lagoon 505

Monohulls: Our charter fleet includes models from Jeanneau Yachts ranging in size from 31′ to 53′.

Sunsail rental monohulls include: Sun Odyssey 319, Sunsail Oceanis 30.1, Oceanis 311, Sunsail 33i, Sunsail 34, Sunsail 36i, Sun Odyssey 379, Sunsail 38, Oceanis 38, Sunsail Oceanis 40, Sunsail 41, Sunsail 41.1, Sunsail 41.0, Sunsail 42, Oceanis 43, Oceanis 43.4, Sun Odyssey 439, Sunsail 44, Sunsail 44i, Sunsail 46, Sunsail 45, Sunsail Oceanis 46, Sunsail 473, Sunsail 47, Oceanis 48, Sun Odyssey 490, Sunsail 51, Oceanis 51.1, Sunsail 52 , Sunsail 53

Types of charter: Charters | Charters with crew | Flotillas | Sail to Cabin | Sailing schools

Types of boats: Monohull sailboats, Multihull sailboats

Boat lengths: 30′ – 53′

Our flexible pricing

We are committed to providing you with the best possible value on our range of sailing experiences. We check our prices regularly so that the price you see reflects current availability and includes special offers, ensuring you get the best price right from the start.

Our price guarantee

If you find a “like for like” charter at better value, we guarantee to match or beat the price.

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