For $ 350,000 you can make this luxury ship your permanent home

Cruise passengers who don’t want their vacation to end now have the option of living aboard a luxury cruise ship at all times as Scenario sells condo-type housing on the MV Narrative ship.

The vessel, which is under construction, will be 741 feet long, weigh 55,000 gross tons and accommodate 450 crew members. Storyline reserves space for condo owners to navigate the world’s oceans for 3.5 years.

The MV Narrative will spend approximately three to five days in a variety of major global ports, and the cost of owning a “condo” on board the ship starts at $ 350,000 for 237 square feet of space. Balcony cabins start at $ 500,000 and offer 337 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space.

Storyline’s two- and three-bedroom spaces range from 909 to 1,417 square feet, with prices starting at $ 2,455,000. The ship also offers a two-story penthouse option with 1,529 square feet for $ 8 million.

All bedrooms are fully furnished and decorated.

Storyline is looking for passengers to lease their condominium space for 12 to 60 years, allowing for resale during the rental period or rental of the property for additional income.

Condos on the MV Narrative come with a monthly maintenance fee that starts at $ 2,365 per person per month, which includes all meals, wine, beer, some spirits, tips, wi-fi broadband, laundry pick-up, washing and folding services, on-board activities and entertainment, doctor’s visits, yoga and fitness classes and gym facilities.

Alister Punton, co-CEO and founder of Storyline, said in a Youtube video about the ship experience, “You have all the normal things you would expect to find on a ship of this size, but we’ve made a really big twist on all of that to fit into this lifestyle. long term and on board.

“Of the more than 20 restaurants across the ship, offering all types of cuisines and changing regularly depending on where the ship is located, there are also 45 lounges, workspaces, libraries and kitchens for residents at across the ship so you can cook for your friends and family, ”he added.

The MV Narrative also includes a cinema room, a library with over 10,000 books, a microbrewery, 20 bar and restaurant concepts, three swimming pools, 17 terraces, a hydroponic garden farm, a spa and a fitness center. form, a juice bar, lounge, and an upper marina with kayaks, snorkel gear, and sailboats.

Storylines is currently building the MV Narratives cruise ship, where people can purchase condos to live permanently and travel the world. Photo: Scenarios

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