Gulf Air on its charter flights

Would you like to celebrate a special occasion in the air? For many avgeeks, such a concept will sound like a dream come true. However, Gulf Air has recently turned this dream into reality by launching its own boutique charter services.

Launched in October 2021

Gulf Air announced at the end of October 2021 that it would launch a new “Boutique Charters” division. This allows customers to charter planes from the airline to meet all kinds of needs. His website lists examples as “government and corporate delegations, group travel, destination weddings, private family vacations as well as private cargo shipments.”

The concept is linked to Bahrain Airline’s business model as a whole, which has also seen it reorganize into a boutique airline in recent years. Speaking at the World Aviation Festival last month, Gulf Air CEO Captain Waleed AlAlawi said:

With COVID significantly affecting people, many people are no longer comfortable flying commercially. We therefore wanted to personalize it, to generate a service that gives passengers the possibility of personalizing their trip..”

Gulf Air Airbus A321neo
Some Gulf Air narrow bodies are also available for boutique charters. Photo: Airbus

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Although a relatively new concept in terms of launch date, Gulf Air charters are already proving to be a popular business. A key factor is the number of aspects customers can customize. AlAlawi explains that they can choose things like “the size of the plane they can charter, the services they need and the departure time.” He adds that:

We managed to do all of the above and create a platform to serve our passengers with this boutique service, and it was very successful. Passenger feedback is excellent, and those who have used us have always come back to us and use the service again..”

Gulf Air, Boeing 787, sustainable aviation fuels
Bahrain Air was in competition with the state-owned Gulf Air. Photo: Getty Images

Birthdays in the air

The exact number of charter flights operated varies and is difficult to determine. However, AlAlawi revealed that two of them operated the day before his interview. Customers can even use the services to mark special occasions, with the Gulf Air CEO stating that:

It is a totally different and personalized service. We allow passengers to celebrate birthdays, and we have a specific food menu so they can organize a birthday party.”

However, while celebrations like birthdays or weddings can be a common request for Gulf Air boutique charters, the airline is open to almost anything. Regarding what is possible in terms of passenger demands for these services, AlAlawi states:

The sky is the limit of what you can do. We can accommodate any customer and we will give them full attention and dedication to this boutique service.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how this exciting concept develops in 2022!

Did you know Gulf Air’s boutique charters? Have you ever had the chance to fly on one? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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