Holidays with yachts: an introduction to the market

Yachting has attracted a lot of attention over the past few decades as a fabulous and luxurious way to spend your vacation. There are trips for many budgets and different types of personalities. People can charter a yacht or sailboat for a week or even longer or they can board boats for day trips and small cruises.

What type of yacht to rent

To begin, let’s highlight the difference between yachts and sailboats. Sailing yachts have sails that help the boat move while having engines that help the boat move when there is no wind. Yachts, on the other hand, are only equipped with engines. This means that they need more fuel and vacations with yachts will be more expensive.

However, they are often more stable so better to avoid seasickness, plus they can be faster. Yachts can have one or two hulls, which makes all the difference in the experience the customer will get. A single-hull sailboat is stable but bends to one side depending on the direction of the wind. The boat also dives deeper into the sea, providing a unique experience for people. Two-hulled boats are called “catamarans” and they may or may not have sails depending on the company’s design. As the weight of the boat is divided into two hulls, it has less sinkage. Start your adventure today and rent a luxury yacht in Greece.

These yachts are generally wide, offer better views and have more comfortable spaces. Their big downside is that while they don’t tend to lean in one direction, they’re less stable. They are the perfect solution for seas where there is not too much wind and the water is calm, but once it gets wavy they can really cause passengers seasickness as they get a jerk tiring. Last but not least, experience on yachts follows the simple rule; the bigger the boat, the more stable it is. Of course, the bigger it is, the more comfortable it is, but the question of stability is quite crucial when getting involved in the sea.

All trips included

Except for big budget vacations with big yachts, it’s wonderful. The idea here is that the client rents a yacht for a week and enjoys his vacation with his company. The boat will be fully equipped with captain, sailors, hostesses and cooks. Depending on the capacity, the number of people working on the boat may vary.

It is common to have water sports included in the trip which is part of the boat’s equipment. The customer will pay in advance a particular sum of money for the provision on the boat and the difference of the money that will not be spent will be returned to the customer at the end of the trip. To get a rough estimate of the budget you will need for a week, imagine that a 56 foot boat with 3 three crew and a capacity of 12 people including crew will not exceed $30,000 in high season. Luxury yacht charter in Greece.

Alternative excursions

The most common scenario is someone renting a yacht for a week to spend quality time with family and friends. However, there are cruises organized by certain companies that offer different types of services and experiences. For example, people who are very respectful of the environment and aware of climate issues prefer to rent sailboats in order to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet since sails replace the engine and fuels.

In addition to this, recycling is available in the boats and the root that the yacht will follow is pre-planned by the company. In case of bad weather, the captain is solely responsible for deciding the direction of the yacht. Usually the boats have a capacity of 12 people including the captain and they are not rented by a family or a company.

People from different companies share the common areas of the yacht while they have separate cabins. These types of holidays have a lower budget and encourage people to develop their relationship with the sea and nature. They also allow you to meet new people from all over the world and make friends. They are usually chosen by those who prefer adventure over comfort and luxury.

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