How The Moorings is making private yacht charter a reality for many

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Confession: As much as I enjoy all things luxury travel (hotels, spas, restaurants, etc.) like everyone else, when it comes to the yachting world, I feel out of place and completely out of my comfort zone. The mere mention of the word conjures up visions of gargantuan, glowing starships; sparkling and azure waters accessible only by the 1%; and perpetually sunny beauties for whom Louis Moinet, Krug and Hermès are a way of life (not just a one-time purchase).

This is exactly why the idea of ​​sailing the high seas – okay, okay, around the British Virgin Islands – with The Moorings intrigued me so much. But first, an introduction: founded in 1969, the company is among the most established yacht charter companies serving the most beautiful coastal destinations in the world (such as the British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Thailand, the Mediterranean and the Belize). The Moorings offers both barefoot and crewed experiences, and their fleet is large and ever-expanding. (Actually: a 4500 catamaran for BVI sailings was unveiled last spring.) They were also recently named official charter supplier of the upcoming America’s Cup, arguably the most esteemed international sailing event in the world. .

But back to my experience. In mid-February, we (and by us, I mean three girlfriends and I) spent four nights and five days happily cruising the British Virgin Islands on a crewed yacht charter (with a captain, a chef and a skipper), aboard the Moorings 5800 Legacy, a 58-foot catamaran. So, without further ado, I’m sharing all the reasons why and how Moorings epitomizes casual luxury below. And the best part? It may not be as expensive as you imagine. Continue reading.

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Manufactured by Robertson and Caine (a major catamaran producer), the 5800 Legacy is a spacious two-level catamaran featuring six cabins (all with private bathrooms). All cabins are kept airy and cool with generator-powered air conditioning, so you’ll always feel comfortable no matter where you are on the boat. The galley is equipped with everything you need to eat well afloat: fridge, freezer, 4-burner gas cooker and microwave. (But since we had Chef Katie on board, we respectfully avoided her workspace.) There are two spacious decks (main and upper), perfect for dining, drinking or just relaxing. (We usually had our meals on the main deck, and snacks and drinks on the upper deck.) And starting this year, Wi-Fi is free on all Caribbean charter yachts.

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As mentioned earlier, the 5800 Legacy has six air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms. Two cabins are located on the main deck, and the additional four are below. Immediately after boarding, I strolled around the boat and settled into a comfortable nook on the lower level, which accommodated my queen-sized bed perfectly. (I appreciated the little extra “downstairs” privacy.) Predictably, my cabin was tiny (but also adorable). And after just one night, I got used to (and finally can’t wait to) hop into bed for a good night’s sleep. As with any hotel, my room and bathroom were properly (and discreetly) tidied daily by our ever-shredded skipper, Sean.

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Eat and drink

It’s an interesting (and wonderful) situation, when all you have to do is show up barefoot on the deck of your boat for all your meals, snacks, and drinks. Prior to the yacht, all guests are asked to complete a questionnaire, covering their food and drink preferences, down to the lightness and heaviness of each meal. Meals were always a group affair, seated, but super relaxed. Plus, every meal was carefully prepared, globally inspired, and truly delicious (think lobster macaroni and cheese, black bean tacos, and grilled ahi steaks). But I have to admit, my favorite part of the day was something we playfully dubbed “afternoon snacks.” Whether it was a big bowl of fries (hello, Munchies Snack Mix) or a pile of loaded crispy fries, I savored the afternoon tradition (with a diet coke in hand , sure). The rum-filled boat drinks (courtesy Sean) at sunset were always a treat too.

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Your schedule – which depends on what you want to do – is agreed between you and your captain at the start of your trip. And our captain, an affable, easy-going British gentleman named Martin, took our group to exactly where we needed to be and when we needed to be there. From hiking on the Normandy Island to world-class snorkeling at The Indians (a small uninhabited archipelago of islets), our group experienced the best of the BVI’s natural beauty. And with Martin navigating us day-to-day, all we had to do was just get off the boat (or dive into the turquoise waters).

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The bottom line

All of the above sounds kind of wonderful, right? And way out of reach, right? Well, here’s the thing – it might be more reasonable than you think. For example: when you list a 5 night crewed yacht charter on the Moorings 5800 Legacy in December (peak travel season) on the company’s website, the highest quote you will see is for $18,327. When you divide the amount by six (for one person per cabin) and then divide that amount by five (for each night on the boat), the amount comes to $610.90 (per person, per night). Although that’s not change for most of us, think of everything the cost covers: accommodation, all meals and drinks (including alcohol), and most importantly, a boat with full crew that will take you wherever you want in your destination. Without a doubt, an experience like this is truly luxurious – but it’s also a reasonably affordable experience.

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