Luxury ship ‘Lord of the Highlands’ visits Greenock

A LUXURY cruise ship that has undergone an incredible makeover has called at Greenock en route to the Highlands.

The extraordinary journey of the “Lord of the Highlands” began in the Turkish port of Medylimaz, where it was launched in 2012 as a 400-seater passenger ferry.

It operated between the Turkish port of Çesme and the Greek island of Chios, carrying passengers over an eight-mile stretch of the Icarian Sea.

After seven years in service, the ship came into the possession of naval architecture firm, Oliver Design, in 2020 after they were forced to take possession of it in payment for their services.

Oliver Design decided to remodel the ship and sell it as a cruise ship. The ship sailed 2,500 nautical miles to Vigo, Spain, where it was converted into a floating hotel for visiting the lochs and canals of Scotland.

After lengthy negotiations, the ship was eventually sold to a Skipton-based luxury cruise line, Hebridean Island Cruises Ltd, where it joins another cruise ship converted by Oliver Design, the ‘Lord of the Glens’.

The ship stopped here after a long voyage from Vigo en route to Inverness, where it will begin its new life exploring the coast around the Highlands.

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