New 36m Chase Boat Phi Phantom delivered by Alia Yachts

Alia Yachts has shared the first official photos of the new 36m pursuit boat Ghost Phithe ship will follow its mother ship by 58.5 m Phi worldwide carrying a range of toys and tenders. The yacht was built by the Turkish yard in aluminum and painted to match the mothership without a coat of filler.

“The exterior styling of Ghost Phi has everything to do with her mothership Phi and at the same time she is truly and literally the shadow of the longer beauty queen,” says exterior designer Cor D. Rover. “So we just looked at the design DNA we gave to the Phi mothership, which consisted of a set of organically curved sail lines, contrasting black and blue surfaces, and sharp, curved edged wing stations. . As much as we could, given the constraints, we applied this DNA to Ghost Phi. Alia did a fantastic job sculpting our ideas in aluminum without the indulgent help of filler material!

Ghost Phi has the same striking Stars & Stripes Blue paintwork, similar dip sheer and stainless steel grilles forward and on the superstructure, and the same dark glass panels. With Van Oossanen’s patented Fast Displacement XL® hull and two Cat C-32 engines, Ghost Phi also delivers impressive performance. At her economical cruising speed of 11 knots she can manage an impressive range of over 6,000 nautical miles, but at full throttle she can hit 21 knots to match the mothership’s slim, easy-to-steer hull.

“The extra length directly translates to extra deck space, which is the primary purpose of a chase yacht and will add versatility, high fuel efficiency and comfort. Because of this, Ghost Phi can easily be considered equal to chasing much higher length and tonnage yachts,” says Perry van Oossanen of Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

Engineered to the nth degree to provide redundancy for every system, this is a boat built to venture off the beaten path and rely on its own resources.

Key to her arsenal of equipment is a very capable 9m HS Marine crane for launching and retrieving tenders and toys stored on the 150m² open aft deck.

Ghost Phi is designed to carry a 12.3 Spirit, 11m Axopar, jet skis, bikes and even a car. She will also be able to store fuel to extend the range of the mothership and house additional laundry facilities to increase capacity when there are many guests on board. She can accommodate the three permanent crew members in three cabins on board and offer a slightly larger cabin with a desk for a guest or visitor, such as a guide. The interior is completed with a beautiful galley and a large crew mess.

“We are so proud to see PHI Ghost floating.” said Gökhan Çelik, President of Alia Yachts. “The very committed owner worked with us every step of the way, giving us the support we needed to meet some very specific requests, including this requirement for do not use filler on the hull. We wish Ghost Phiits mothership and those who navigate it all the joys of the high seas.

Alia Yachts was founded in 2008 by Gokhan Çelik and Omer Koray. Located in the port of Antalya on the beautiful Turkish Riviera, the Alia Yachts shipyard currently occupies approximately 8,000 m2, including three construction halls with their specialist workshop suites and a dedicated interiors facility. With an additional 16,000 square meters under development for 2019, Alia Yachts will rank among the best facilities in the region.

Credits: Alia Yachts/Charl van Rooy (RedCharlie Media)

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