Soon Chunnambar Boat House can be rented out for weddings, events

Pondicherry government to develop more facilities for tourists including restaurants and food trucks

Pondicherry government to develop more facilities for tourists including restaurants and food trucks

Chunnambar will no longer simply remain a tourist spot for boating, as the government plans to utilize the vast space available with the Puducherry Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) for multipurpose activities through private participation, including rental of the lawn and beach for weddings.

For a long time, the Chunnambar Boat House had remained just a place where tourists, especially weekend visitors, could take a boat ride to the pristine Paradise Beach. Now the government has decided to change the character of the boathouse by promoting the place as a wedding and party destination.

Prior to renting the venue for weddings, parties and other events, the PTDC seeks to develop a manicured lawn with additional features to make it a preferred destination for hosting outdoor events.

The boathouse has about 4 acres of land, of which 1.5 acres could be reserved for hosting events, a PTDC staff said. “One person has already booked it for a wedding in August,” the staff added.

To add more value, the government decided to outsource the management of the seven suites overlooking the river, with the roof being used for dining. The PTDC also planned to introduce a floating restaurant under the Ariankuppam Bridge.

The government is planning to introduce a park for children in the boating waiting area. In a few days, the Company will deploy catering trucks through private participation to cater to tourists visiting the boathouse.

“All of these value-added services are going to be introduced as a revenue-generating mechanism for the PTDC, which has so far relied on revenue from boating activity to provide salaries to staff. Obviously, when more people are going to flock to the region for events, the revenue from boating will also increase,’ Tourism Minister K. Lakshminarayanan said. The Hindu.

Bookings for yachting at Chunnambar will also go live shortly, he said, adding that more facilities, including at the children’s play area, would be provided through the public partnership mode. -private.

According to PTDC officials, the boathouse had started to receive tourists in large numbers after arrivals lull at the height of the pandemic. On average, during weekends, about 3,000-4,000 tourists visited the boathouse. The figure fell to around 500 on weekdays, the official said, adding that the PTDC was fully equipped to handle the expected holiday crowds in May-June.

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