The coolest yachts in the world: Volvo 70 Puma

We ask top sailors and marine industry gurus to choose the coolest and most innovative yachts of our time. Olympian and ocean racer Annie Lush names the Volvo 70 Puma.

“I first boarded the Volvo 70 Puma in Southampton to start the SCA Team Trials for the Volvo Ocean Race. I had just returned from the Olympics in the Elliott 6m, so compared to the boats I I was used to, he looked like a machine.

“I remember coming out of the Solent and shooting down at the reach. The boat launched. I had never felt such high and consistent boat speed before. Exceeding 15 knots in my career so far has involved crashing into a really big wave, while hanging onto the bar, or pumping a heavy kite as hard as I can. On Puma, the bar was so light, the speed so easy.

Photo: Dan Armstrong

“There must have been a big smile on my face behind the wheel because Sam Davies, who was adjusting the main gear next to me, said, ‘You know you’re never coming back again. Although I always love being able to hit the pub at the end of a day of coastal racing, something always brings me back to the Ocean Race.

Volvo 70 Puma stats note:

Top speed: 40 knots
LOA: 21.5m/70ft 6in
Spear : 2011
Berths: 6
Price: $6.5 million
Adrenaline Factor: 85%

Annie Lush

English sailor Annie Lush became a keelboat specialist and multiple world match racing champion, mainly outfitting the MacGregor sisters in the Olympic Yngling and Elliot 6m classes before being selected and competing in the Volvo Ocean Race for Team SCA in 2014 /15 then Team Brunel in the 2017/18 edition.

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