The new luxury ship that brings cruising closer to zero carbon

Other sustainable features on Silver Nova, and her sister ship, due for introduction in the summer of 2024, include an automatic micro-gasification system that reduces the volume of waste on board, which reduces incineration emissions. Shore power will allow the ship to shut down its main generators in certain ports and tap into the shore power supply, reducing local onboard emissions to zero. Overall, the ship’s revolutionary hydrodynamic design and innovative technology help reduce the ship’s carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.

This says a lot that the cost of each Silversea Nova class ship is $200 million more than building a similar sized vessel. This includes the technical adaptability of vessels to be retrofitted when the next generation of sustainable options such as hydrogen-based fuels become viable.

With their high style quotient and the intimacy of a small ship, Silversea Cruises have been striving for new echelons of luxury since launching their first ship in 1994. Silver Nova will reinforce this tradition and boast the highest space-to-guest ratio in the fleet – an undisputed benchmark of excellence.

Embarking on its inaugural season on July 15, 2023, Silver Nova will head towards the French and Italian Rivieras, the Iberian Peninsula and the Dalmatian coast. This new, state-of-the-art vessel can switch to battery power when it docks in smaller, exclusive ports and display its positive impact on our planet.

Always a visionary, Silversea understands the importance of decarbonization for passengers today and tomorrow. They also demonstrated that there is no compromise between luxury and durability.

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