What does the interior of a 350-foot-long superyacht that charters for over $2 million a week really look like?

The brand new superyacht LANA was built by Benetti in Italy and is 351 feet long and available for charter with Imperial. And since it can be difficult to understand the true size of a private yacht over 351 feet, imagine a professional football field. LANA is actually a lot longer than an NFL football field!

And since superyachts as big as LANA Usually owned by people who seek privacy and security, it is rare for the public to get a glimpse of the opulence inside one of the largest private yachts in the world.

That’s what makes Breed Media’s photos LANA so special. Jeff Brown and his team had excellent weather and calm seas as they spent four days shooting photos and videos of LANA recently. And the good news for us is that the following photos have been cleared for publication.

So if you’ve ever wondered how luxurious a 351-foot-long superyacht is, or what it would be like to live aboard a yacht that costs over $2 million a week to charter, you have luck.

LANA’s interior layout can accommodate up to twelve guests in eight cabins, including a master suite and seven VIP cabins.

Each VIP guest cabin is unique. And since LANA is also capable of carrying up to 31 crew members, the crew-to-guest ratio is luxuriously high.

Guests can spend the day at the spa which has several treatment rooms. A well-equipped gym is there for anyone who wants to work out.

The onboard cinema has an impressive audio system. And of course, there’s a large outdoor pool and a plethora of sunbathing options for anyone who just wants to relax.

But the truth is that ultra-luxurious spas, gyms, private cinemas and large swimming pools are quite easy to find on land.

But, one of the many features that make superyachts like LANA and other private yachts over 300 feet truly Great is their “beach clubs”.

And as you can see, LANA’s massive beach club that allows guests to enjoy the ocean (with privacy and luxury) and a virtually limitless list of amenities (toys, boats, jet skis, snorkel gear , etc.) is quite…Greatto the right?

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